The Gideon Law Firm is a boutique, virtual law firm that practices personal injury, small business, civil litigation, and intellectual property law. We offer an innovative approach to providing legal services that enable us to afford our clients effective and efficient representation at an exceptional value. Our approach to client service is simple:

  • Meet our clients where they are, tailoring services to each unique circumstance
  • Provide transparent and flexible services in a collaborative environment
  • Earn their trust and exceed their expectations
  • Empower them with knowledge that endures beyond the ordinary attorney-client relationship

As a result, we are able to create and foster intimate relationships with our clients. Our unique model equates to relational empathy, efficient case management, and effective resolution.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or small business trying to brand and position itself for exponential growth or a personal injury victim being bullied by the insurance company, The Gideon Law Firm is ready to step up to the plate for you.

The Gideon Law Firm is a boutique law firm that provides legal services to clients in counties in North and South Carolina. What does that mean for you as a potential client? It means that we afford our clients personalized attention and representation grounded in specialized skill sets. Your needs are personal and paramount to us.

We are singularly focused on our your objectives and work to achieve the best results. From day one, we listen, respond, return calls, and keep you informed. The Gideon Law Firm offers zealous representation in a streamlined setting, which allows us to get right to the heart of the matter. We are committed to developing lasting relationships with our clients long after their case is resolved.

The Gideon Law Firm guarantees a high level of service. The following principles guide us in all matters of client representation. We are committed to:


We are committed to providing legal services of the highest quality and ethical standards. We communicate honestly and clearly, take ownership of our faults, and wholeheartedly commit ourselves to any necessary resolution. This is the bedrock principle that serves as the foundation to all others.

Effective Representation

Our clients are the cornerstone of our business. The Gideon Law Firm works to provide the highest quality of representation and professionalism. We are client focused and results oriented. This means that from the moment you become our client, we are working for you and working to achieve your objective.

Our professional value lies in our high expectations and standards for our representation. Our primary objective is to achieve positive results for our clients in an ethical, effective, and cost-efficient manner. We hold ourselves accountable to provide services indicative to that commitment.

Transparency & Effective Communication

We believe that solid communication is essential to successful representation. We are committed to keeping our clients informed every step of the way, from beginning to end. We pledge that you will receive regular updates and remain abreast of the status every step of the way. Full transparency is required on both sides, and we expect our clients to be fully forthcoming with all details concerning their case which will allow us to provide the best representation possible.

Zealous Advocacy

We strive to provide legal expertise coupled with a work ethic that leads to favorable outcomes. The Gideon Law Firm assists our clients with navigating the legal process and leveling the playing field to put our clients on equal footing with the adverse party. Its personal for us, and we are relentless is seeking justice for our clients.

Personalized Legal Service

We understand that we cannot do what we do without our clients. Our goal is to first and foremost earn your confidence and trust. The foundation of this commitment is providing personal attention to each of our clients. Each case is different, and the advantage of working with our firm is that we do not try to mold our clients to fit any box. Our representation is a collaborative process that allows us to work directly with the client to establish an effective case strategy.

Leadership Through Service

Our service extends to the communities we serve. The Gideon Law Firm is committed to doing what we can to support growth and development in the community through our firm’s charitable initiatives and our partnership with local charitable organizations.

Long-Term Relationships

After working with The Gideon Law Firm, our clients become clients for life. The Gideon Law Firm values the personal relationships that we develop with our clients. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients and this commitment extends long after we have resolved your case. We want to continue to be your go-to legal professional when the need arises.

The Gideon Law Firm is not only committed to clients, but to the community at-large. We strive to take an active, socially responsible role in serving and improving the world around us. Each quarter, our firm chooses a new organization with which to partner. We always welcome suggestions from our community on groups or initiatives we should support.

Recently, our attorneys have sponsored families to provide Back to School supplies and adopted families to bless them with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and Christmas presents for the entire family. Below are pictures from this event, along with organizations we have supported in the past.

In 2019, The Gideon Law Firm will be working with The Shay Foundation based out of Walterboro, SC. The Shay Foundation’s mission is to equip freshmen college students with tools to make their transition to college conducive to their success. The Foundation is geared towards combating decreasing retention rates of students due to lack of resources and support. In keeping with it’s mission, The Shay Foundation hosts an annual Back to School give-a-way where they receive donations and purchase supplies to compile survival kits for rising college students.
The Gideon Law Firm will be providing supplies to aid The Shay Foundation in achieving it’s mission.  If you would like to know more about this great organization, please contact our office and we will connect you with a representative of the foundation.
The Gideon Law Firm will be providing supplies to aid The Shay Foundation in achieving it’s mission.  If you would like to know more, please contact our office!

Our most frequently asked questions always involve one of the most common, and complex areas of law: personal injury. Accordingly, we have dedicated the sections below to this topic. For all other questions, please contact us or schedule a consultation to obtain the answers you need.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

    • Immediately call law enforcement
      • If you were involved in an auto accident, immediately contact law enforcement.
    • Immediately seek medical attention
      • Once you notify law enforcement, immediately get to the hospital or call 9-1-1 if you are hurt or injured. Try to seek medical attention the day of the accident. Often clients say that although they experienced some soreness that they didn’t feel it necessary to go to the hospital. However, sometimes accident victims may have substantial injuries although they do not become symptomatic immediately after the accident. Some severe, injuries such as a concussion, do not manifest until hours or days later when more damage could have occurred.
    • Photograph the scene/injuries
      • In an accident, it is important to preserve as much potential evidence as possible. Sometimes a picture is worth $1,000 words and the condition of the scene is one of the most important things to capture. If you are a victim you may be too injured or too much in shock to be aware of your surroundings. Witnesses often forget what they saw. Take the steps necessary to document the scene as much as possible. Take clear photographs of the cars, including their position on the road and license plates. Take pictures of any skid marks or moisture on the road. Your photographs could prove to be a critical piece of evidence to help establish and prove your case.
    • Do not talk to the adverse insurance company.
      • One of the biggest mistakes personal injury victims makes is talking to the other party’s insurance company. Don’t be fooled by the sympathetic voice and feigned concern. The insurance company is not your friend. Soon after the accident or injury, you will likely get a call from the other insurance company. These calls are almost always recorded and can and will be used against you later.
    • Contact an attorney
      • Don’t try to go it alone. Personal injury law is often complicated and convoluted. If you are involved in an accident, contact The Gideon Law Firm. We will be happy to assist you to get the recovery that you deserve. The only thing you should worry about it reaching a full recovery.

Why do I need an attorney?

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, you should seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury law is convoluted and your focus should only be on getting better. Contact The Gideon Law Firm to assist you with your case. We offer complimentary, no obligation in person or telephonic case consultations to victims of personal injury accidents. Give us a call to discuss and evaluate your claim.

What if I have already gotten the claim started?

Sometimes our clients have already contacted either the adverse insurance company, their insurance company or both to get the claim started. While it is sometimes ok to kick start the claims process, it can become confusing, stressful and burdensome. Remember, the other party’s insurance company is only out to protect their own interest. You need someone to protect your interests and make your recovery their priority. At The Gideon Law Firm, our clients are our priority. We provide free, no obligation telephonic or in-person consultation to give potential client an unbiased legal opinion about the merits of their case. From the moment we are retained, we provide personalized services catered to the individual needs of the client. We begin to gather as much information as possible and monitor the client’s treatment.

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